2007-11-14 prescioussslitttlweopromisuouspromises

so many pretty words..cos im scared that you'll see..but he was never as bad as you are to me..you call me pathetic every night. make fun of all my boyfriends, call me horrible. well i couldnt listen to your fuckin music even if i tried...thank god for punk rock, right? but you know all about that dont you. im so horrible...im so horrible. so take what you want..have all your boyfriends, i always fuckin was there for you...and you were always there for me...but you gave me more fuckin shit than anyfuckin body. i think you hate me more than what you say i hate you..anf i couldnt listen to ur fuckin music if i fukicn tired\,sm,jvhskyoufuckf,ma

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